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Ultra Health Hi Calibre Protection levels are set by European standards that enable you to determine if the coverall is designed to protect you against a particular application. The coveralls are tested by an accredited testing body in accordance with the particular EN Standard, the test subject being sprayed with either a coloured liquid or dry particles in a test booth. The result is either a pass or a fail. Hi Calibre SMS has an SGS certification PPE 125128(1)/09 and Hi Calibre Micro porous SGS PPE 125126 (1)/09

Type 4 – Barrier to saturation spray of liquids (EN 14605 and 468)

Type 5 – Barrier to airborne particulate materials and dust (EN 13982-1)

Type 6 – Barrier to limited splash and liquid spray (EN 13034:2005)

EN1149.1 – Anti-static

Hi Calibre SMS triple layer disposable coveralls are made from non-woven polypropylene, spun-bond, melt-blown and spun bond. This triple layer matrix acts like a filter to keep out smaller particles, i.e. asbestos. The coverall is water resistant and light weight, but with added strength and tear resistance due to its triple layer construction. It meets the Type 5 and 6 protection levels and is the coverall recommend for asbestos removal.

Hi Calibre Micro porous coverall is water resistant, also made from a breathable micro porous fabric with stitched seams for extra strength. This coverall is certified to meet the protection levels of Type 5, 6 and EN1149.1 anti-static standard.

Hi Calibre Micro porous Plus coverall is waterproof, made from breathable micro porous fabric, with sealed seams creating a waterproof barrier. This coverall is certified to meet the protection levels of Type 4, 5 and 6 as well as the EN1149.1 anti-static standard.

Combat Polypropylene is made from non-woven polypropylene. Lightweight and breathable, this single layer coverall is an excellent solution for keeping clean, reducing decontamination and laundry costs. No water resistant protection and not deemed suitable for protection against a hazard. This coverall is ideal when limited protection is required such as removing insulation, waste management and car industry, food processing, veterinary and pharmaceutical. This is a general purpose coverall