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AS/NZS – P2Australia New Zealand, NIOSH – N95/North America, CE – FFP2/Europe Standards


It is possible that products sold in Australia may have marking or instructions that indicate the

Product’s classification to any or all three standards, AS/NZS, NIOSH & CE.

In relation to particulate filtering respirators, the terms P2 and N95 have most commonly caused confusion to users.

Under AS/NZS 1716, P2 particulate filtering respirators must have a filter efficiency of at least 94% when tested with Sodium Chloride aerosol. The particle size of this aerosol has a mass median diameter of 0.3 to 0.6 microns with a range of particles in the 0.02 to 2 micron size range. This aerosol is delivered to the filter at a flow rate of 95litres/minute.

NIOSH classified N95 particulate filtering respirators must have a filter efficiency of at least 95% when tested against ~0.3 micron Sodium Chloride aerosol at a flow rate of 85litres/minute. The use of N95 respirators is restricted to use in atmospheres free of oil aerosols.

P2 respirators classified under the EN system undergo Sodium Chloride aerosol testing similar to

AS/NZS 1716, but have additional filter efficiency testing with paraffin oil aerosol that must also meet the minimum 94% filter efficiency to be classified as P2.

In Europe disposable or maintenance free respirators that incorporate the filter into the entire face piece are known as filtering face piece (FF) respirators. The FF prefix is used in front of the particulate classification and users would see the term FFP2.

As described above there are slight differences in airflow rates and particle sizes used in the various laboratory tests of respirator filter efficiency around the globe. These variations tend to accommodate the difference in minimum filter efficiencies (95% v 94%) between the classification systems. In practice these differences result in virtually no impact on the level of respiratory protection provided to wearers.

Ultra Health Titan Respirators are certified to P2 level AS/NZS 1716-2003 Licence No SMKH20566 as well as NIOSH N95 by Nelson Laboratories No TN14227.